General terms and conditions



1. The following regulation contains the rules and conditions which the guests must follow when entering the Duotone Pro Center Limnos or when using any of its goods and services.

2. Our customers are allowed to use the services and supplies provided by Duotone Pro Center Limnos e.g. cushions, sunbeds, shower, toilets, changing rooms and lockers.

3. The storage area is not monitored during the day. Therefore, the Duotone Pro Center Limnos cannot be held liable or responsible for any loss, theft or damage of the equipment. We kindly ask not to leave valuables unattended in the area of the center. Customers are obligated to keep the storage and locker area closed after each use, and to respect the opening times of the center.


4. All guests/customers are responsible for their own material, equipment rented from the center, and the property/goods of Duotone Pro Center as well as for the sorting and return of the gear. It’s forbidden to leave the materials unattended or in any other way which endangers the safety of people, and property. The owner or renter bears full liability for any damage caused by negligently behaviour.

5. The sports equipment must be placed in the appropriate stands without creating any obstacles for other users. It’s forbidden to use or to deposit equipment that doesn’t fall under activities permitted by Duotone Pro Center.

6. It’s prohibited to store equipment outside the designated area or the assigned space, even when free. In the case of a breach that equipment can be removed by the Duotone Pro Center team.



7. All nautical activities are performed under every customer’s own responsibility; during these activities the general navigation guidelines and all rules of the Port Police must be followed. Wearing a life west is legally required.

8. In the event of adverse weather conditions, the clients of the school are prohibited from sailing on the sea.



9. By renting in our center you relieve HG of any civil liability from any responsability regarding the use of the sports equipment requested for hire.

10. By renting in our center you assume all and any responsability for any damage caused to the same equipment or damage to the third parties exempting the HG, its collaborators or instructors.

11. By renting in our center you assume in your own, every and each responsability for possible damages suffered to your own person consequent from exercise of the sport practice and from the use of the equipment, to have adequate capacity and appropriate competence to be sufficiently prepared and to know the basic rules of behaviour and navigation for the sport in which you require specific equipment, to know the school regulations and its procedures and to approve it.

12. By renting in our center, you declare to not have medical conditions that prohibit the practice of sports at an amateur level.

13. Life jacket is included in the rental price; a valid ID and the prepayment are required for the rental. Rental gear must be returned at 4:45 pm.

14. All material is assigned to you by our team for your personal use only. Please check the condition of the material when handing it over in order to report any damage immediately. When returning the material, we ask that you check it for any damage.



15. All prices are per person and can be changed by us at any time without prior notice, including any printing errors or mistakes. Discounts cannot be accumulated.



16. At the moment of confirmation we ask for a prepayment, normally of the 25% of the total amount or in case of particular Events, Clinics or Camps the 50% of the total amount. Downpayment should have been done at the day of arrival. In case of cancellation within 30 days, the prepayment will not be refundable.



17. We accept payments by credit/debit card, bank transfer, or cash.



18. All participants are insured through the Duotone Pro Center Limnos liability insurance. If you rent, (windsurf, kite, SUP, kayak & sailing), as well as if you rent after the end of a lesson, you are not insured for yourself or against third parties. You are liable for damage to the material, loss of the material and damage to third parties (people / material). In the event of a collision, liability applies according to international rules.



19. It is partial, optional and it can be taken out in our office. This applies to damage to the borrowed material, but not to people or to third partie. The material insurance does not apply if the material is lost or if the right of way rules are not observed or the material is used improperly. Further information at the DPC Limnos reception.

20. Additional information relating to the insurance of the material (point 19). All those damages that occur from the use of the equipment in the water, such as breakages in the sail's monofilm, damage to the board, boom or mast and / or breakages caused by falls in speed. The insurance does not cover damage caused by carelessness in the water and on land (for example, going against stones and rocks) and failure to observe the rules of precedence. Breakage of materials is also excluded when they have been deliberately caused by a jump in the sail or improper use. Furthermore, the customer is responsible for material and personal injuries caused by his unattended or unsecured material (e.g. on the beach). If third parties are involved in the incident and are liable for damage to the equipment you have rented in the center, the person who caused the damage must be taken to the office by the renter, in order to get their personal details and the recognition of responsibility.


§9. Beach rules

  • Only use the designated areas for launching and landing.
  • Avoid launching or landing your kite in front of the station.
  • Refrain from keeping your kite in the air in front of the station.
  • Stay out of the beginners' area when flying your kite.
  • Signal clearly when you're about to land your kite.
  • Maintain a distance from the beach while riding
  • Secure your kite properly when on the beach.
  • Ensure your foil is not left near the water, landing, or launching zones.
  • Give priority to a rider entering the water with a kite over someone trying to exit.
  • Show respect to all users of the beach.
  • Enter the water while body dragging with your board.
  • After your kiting session, wrap your bar and place it close to your kite.



21. The parties agree to use Greek laws/Port police laws. Click HERE to see Port police rules in Greek. Click HERE to see Port police rules in English.